1923 Ford T Bucket

1923 Roadster T Bucket body assembly includes: Custom - transmission tunnel, intergel molded pick up bed. $580

Body with pick up bed, custom dash, transmission tunnel, floor installed: $675

Body w/ pick up bed, custom dash, transmission tunnel, floor and wood kit installed $875

T Bucket body with 14" inch bed, 3 " channeled floor, right side door and transmission tunnel: $1,395

1923 T wood kit floor: $75

1923 T wood finished floor: $150 

Floor manufactured from 5/8" AC plywood, t-nuts for steering column mount installed - Kit Floor features cut outs for steering column, brake pedal, master cylinder access hole and body mounting holes. Finished floor has same features as kit floor, plus cut outs for wiring connections, emergency brake handel, emergency brake master cylinder access, emergency brake rotar and battery box.

Body wood kit includes: seat bottom, pick up bed cover, seat risers and side pieces - all precut. $160

Kit without seat bottom and pick up bed cover: $120

Chassis: 1923 perimeter chassis. Basic frame without suspension mountings: $375

1923 fully welded chassis includes: Drilling for all mounts, welded front / rear radius rod pads, steering box and brake pedal mount, panard rod. No welding or drilling required - ready for paint: $585 

1923 Stage 3 Chassis: Front/rear suspension, engine/trans mounts, brake pedal mount, rear axel housings: $3,495

1923 T Bucket Optional Parts

Grill shell: $95

Transmission tunnel; 22"inches long x 17.5 " wide x 8" inches high with 7" inch taper; $30

New custom tunnel dash: $96

Fenders: 5" flip front fenders - $99.95 a pair, 10" inch flip rear fenders - $124.95 a pair, full radius rear fender 11.5 inside width : $165.95 a pair. Universal cycle fenders, 16" inch : $169.95.

New Fat Bob style rear fenders, 10 " wide, $145.95 a pair

New Fat Bob style rear fenders, 14" wide, $169.95

Dragster Style Carburetor Scoop - fits, single or dual quad and 3 dueces - 23'5 " inches long x 13" inches wide x 4.5 " high at opening: $93  or 23.5" inches long x 13" inches wide x 5.5 " inches tall at opening: $98



Body Type: 

Full Size Auto