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The Terry Hahn and Southeastern Fiberglass Story

In 1963 Terry Hahn needed to repair the broken fiberglass hull of his boat. He researched products, talked to people who repaired fiberglass and then made the repair. The repair looked "good as new" and a lifetime involvement with fiberglass began.

Being a resident of South Florida, water and boats were always a factor in his daily life. Soon boat racing was one of his pastimes and fiberglass boat repair was part of his activities. Beach buggies, with bodies made of fiberglass, were also an interest. The beach buggies soon became very popular for coastline inhabitants and people who liked the "look" and the fun times.

From 1965 to 1982 beach buggies bodies were the most popular item produced by Southeastern Fiberglass. Then, during the summer of 1982, Terry and his partner purchased 3 steel bodied street rods. The goal was to drive the cars and have fun. But, cars made of steel were high maintenance. Sheet metal rusts and rust repair is costly and time consuming.
Soon Terry decided that fiberglass replica car bodies would be a new direction, but manufacturing replica bodies made of fiberglass was a goal that had big challenges. Strength and integrity of structure was a must for selling these replica bodies to the public; Terry's designs proved to be strong and reliable.

The first major national N.S.R.A. car show for Southeastern Fibereglass Inc. was at Winston Salem, NC during 1978. The show developed a lot of interest and sales for the '32 Ford 3 Window Coupe and the Ford '33 -'34 three window coupe. Both of these body styles were the 1st and 2nd hard top fiberglass street rod bodies made in the nation.

The 3 Window coupe body style became enormously popular.

In 1984, however, a fire destroyed most of the companies' assets.

Then in 1987 Southeastern Fiberglass was resurrected and production resumed.

The company grew and grew and is now strong and viable. Movie, TV, industrial pieces and "1 of 1" pieces are also a part of the offerings of Southeastern Fiberglass Inc. A unique selection of quality hot rod bodies is still the driving force behind the company and Terry Hahn, it's president and owner.