Full Size Fiberglass Street Rod Car Bodies. Bumper Car Bodies. Go Kart Bodies.

Our fiberglass bodies and their components are the exact replacements for an original steel part.

All of the components that we make are hand laid fiberglass. The hand laid fiberglass construction process is labor intensive and requires the touch of a skilled craftsman. We do not use the “chopper gun” fiberglass manufacturing method.

Our process starts with the design of a zero flaw mold. Gelcoat is then applied to the mold. Next, layer after layer of wetted fiberglass is laid over the mold until the desired thickness is achieved. During the process, strength weakening air bubbles are removed with a roller. The component is then separated from the mold and prepared for paint.

We also make “one of a kind” fiberglass components for TV shows and movies. Here are a few of our automotive clients: Excellent Performance, Petit Racing, Team ZR1 and JBT Areo.

We have been making fiberglass components for over 50 years, working hand in hand with fiberglass and resin manufacturers. Southeastern Fiberglass Inc. uses the highest quality resins with extra high heat distorion resistant qualities. This expensive component meets our demanding requirements, virtually eliminating all print thru of glass fibers, warpage and shrinkage. Our commitment to manufacturer the best hand laminated products is reflected in the fact that there have been more "Top 25" type cars built using Southeastern Fiberglass street rod bodies. Our customers want a hassle free body and components.

Southeastern will not send you a box of "you assemble it unexpected surprises".    

If you are building your first or 21st hot rod, Southeastern Fiberglass Inc. is with you all the way.